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Individuals and companies across Kenya can now leave their worries regarding shipping of their valuables with Sheffield cargo Logistics Ltd. If you are looking for a Kenyan freight forwarder to ship your cargo internationally or locally within Kenya, whether importing cargo to Kenya, through Kenya or forwarding your cargo to international markets Sheffield cargo Logistics, can assist in freight forwarding and selecting low cost and effective freight forwarding mode to move your freight by ocean freights, air freight, rail freight or road freight.

Sheffield cargo Logistics will manage your international freight shipping logistics from and to Kenya or clear and forward your freight once it arrives in Kenya to various destinations across East Africa.  As a freight forwarding company we negotiates freight forwarding rates to sustain the interest of the client and prepare freight forwarding documents, bill of lading, air way bill and other shipping documentation. We will closely monitor forwarding your freight as it travels to its destination assuring that your forwarded freight is delivered on time and in good condition.

We offer customized freight forwarding in which as a freight forwarder Sheffield cargo Logistics Ltd has to see to it that the freight is forwarded according to the instructions, needs of the client and provide delivery solutions along with identification of freight transportation alternative keeping in  mind the time and cost factor in freight forwarding.